How We Process Chaga

How We Process Chaga

Wild Alaska Chaga is proud to consistently provide unmatched freshness and quality in our chaga supplements. To accomplish this and maintain our high standards, we begin cleaning and processing our chaga as soon as possible after harvest. Some chaga manufacturers allow chaga to sit around between harvest and processing which can result in unhealthy microbial growth and unwanted flavors. Since we never allow extra time between harvest and processing, our chaga tea is as clean and fresh as possible; which is something our customers can taste!

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Our processing is conducted in an FDA-Registered facility in Fairbanks, Alaska by laboratory trained professionals. We use the entire chaga conk (rather than only certain parts) to make all of our supplements. After dehydrating at an optimal temperature to maximize safety, constituent levels, and flavor, our chaga is immediately processed into chunks, ground loose tea, tea bags, and tinctures and delivered to customers as soon as possible. It is important to us that we deliver the freshest and most flavorful chaga products directly from Fairbanks, Alaska.

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Laboratory testing is performed on each batch along with blind taste tests to ensure quality control. We believe that in order to get the most out of chaga, water or organic solvent extraction is a must. Our products are sealed and ready for tea (hot water extraction), your own tincture creations, or already extracted in water and alcohol in our dual extract tincture. We do not manufacture pills or capsules because we believe that eating unextracted chaga will not provide the same high levels of health benefits found in our products.