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Wild Alaska Chaga Tea Bags

Wild Alaska Chaga Tea Bags

20 herbal tea bags hand-filled with 100% powdered wild Alaska chaga mushroom. Individual tea bags are a convenient way to brew your chaga one cup at a time. Each tea bag contains 1.5 g chaga, measures 2.5 x 2.75 inches, and is packaged in a resealable storage bag to maintain freshness.

Our chaga tea recipe is printed on the label (pictured below), but for more information check out our instructional video: How to Make Chaga Tea. Remember that chaga tea is a mild, pleasant, non-caffeinated beverage. We enjoy it plain, but sugar or honey can be added to taste. Delivered fast via USPS Priority Mail. Start feeling better and order your chaga tea bags today!


20 Tea Bags Label - Wild Alaska Chaga