Introducing Our Alaskan Chaga Blog

Alaskan Chaga Blog

Wild Alaska Chaga was founded nearly 3 years ago. As our company has grown, we have gained considerable experience with chaga as a pioneering natural products and company in Alaska. Our unique understanding of the landscapes, ecosystems, wildlife, processing, sales, education, community, and chaga product use and development has grown to a point where it is now time to share our findings in our new Chaga Blog.

Our chaga blog has several major purposes. We want to share information, experiences, pictures, and videos that will help inform our customers and enrich their lives and experience with chaga. We are not interested overstating the benefits or function of chaga nor are we fond of over-marketing our products to people who will not fully appreciate them because there is a limited supply of this precious resource. Finally, we want to share our own unique experiences, how-to information, and work on painting a picture of the awesome, extreme northern landscape where Wild Alaska Chaga originates.

It is important that we mention our overwhelming gratitude for this amazing natural resource. Not only have we found that our chaga is greatly appreciated by our customers, we have also grown very thankful for the work chaga allows us to do. Harvesting, processing, interacting with customers and stores, writing, shows, education, research, website and graphic design and many other aspects of this business make for very pleasurable and rewarding work.

Formulating new products and working with other businesses has been extremely exciting and we have received invaluable assistance from numerous individuals, businesses, and organizations. It has taken more than our company to bring chaga to our customers and is truly an ongoing community event. Again, we cannot fully express our gratitude here in this article, but we hope it can be found in our blog, products, and continued commitment to our work.

We hope our upcoming articles will be valuable to both our customers and chaga connoisseurs as well. It is our pleasure to continue bringing you the finest wild chaga tea and products on Earth as we strive to further improve and innovate in the field of natural products. Keep checking in for more articles and feel free to like us on Facebook for updates and offers from Wild Alaska Chaga.